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ContextMenu[CurrentContext][HandleExpression] - determine the context menu that results in the context menu module from a right-click

Calling Sequence

HandleExpression(expr, isfullexpr)




list; contains the expression to handle for which context menu is determined



truefalse; determines whether expr is considered to be a full expression (true) or a subselection (false)



The HandleExpression command returns a nested data structure, which encapsulates the context menu structure displayed by this context menu module when the expression expr is right-clicked. The expr parameter can be any Maple object, including an expression sequence.


The HandleExpression command returns output in a specialized form used by Maple for generating its context-sensitive menus.  A simplified version of this output, more suitable for use in testing, is available from the command ContextMenu[Test][GetGeneratedMenu].


The command ContextMenu[CurrentContext][HandleExpression]([expr], isfullexpr) is equivalent to ContextMenu([expr], isfullexpr).

Examples of CurrentContext[HandleExpression]




newCM := New():


Note the generated context-sensitive menu for newCM is empty because no entries have been added yet.

newCM:-HandleExpression(["test"], true);

CONTEXTMENUContext Menu Actions,,


Following is the result of the built-in context menu module upon on the selected object false.

CurrentContext:-HandleExpression([false], true);

CONTEXTMENUContext Menu Actions&comma;&comma;Apply a Command&comma;Apply a command&comma;CM_GenericActionx&rarr;ContextMenu:-Interactive:-Applyopx&comma;true&comma;&comma;Negate Boolean&comma;Negate the boolean expression&comma;CM_GenericActionnot(%EXPR)&comma;true&comma;negate boolean&comma;<SeparatorLine>&comma;Help on Command&comma;Display the help page for this command&comma;CM_GenericActionprocxevalhelpop1&comma;x&semi;%CANCELend proc&comma;false&comma;command help


See Also

ContextMenu, ContextMenu[CurrentContext], Entries[Add], Entries[AddMultiple], EntryGenerators[Get], EntryGenerators[List]

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