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Help Style Guide


The following conventions have been adopted for the Maple help system.

Maple Commands


Bold, purple text identifies demonstrations of the following:


Commands, subcommands, functions, procedures, and calling sequences




Environment variables, keywords, Maple specific names, and protected text


Maple package names

Maple 2-D Math Notation


Natural mathematical notation, referred to in Maple documentation as 2-D math, is used for the following:


Maple expressions and mathematical functions and expressions such as x2 and ⅆⅆxx3.

Maple Menu Items


Bold, black text identifies the following:


Menu name, menu item


Dialog box, button, and textual note


Key names (for example, Enter, Delete, Ctrl, Esc)



Blue, underlined text denotes a hyperlink.


Rust, underlined text  denotes a hyperlink to a dictionary definition.

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