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Active Inline Maple Input


Executable input that is placed within text.



A named location in a particular worksheet. Hyperlinks link to Bookmarks.

Character Notation


Character Notation displays in a 2-D text-based character format. All of the special symbols are created using ASCII characters.

Context Bar


A toolbar containing context-sensitive shortcuts. The items on the bar change, depending on the most recent mouse actions.

Context Menu


A list of operations or procedures that you can perform on an object.

Execution Group


A set of Maple input with its corresponding output.

Execution Group Boundaries


The left square brackets in worksheets that identify an execution group.



A text phrase or image that you can click to take you to a location in the same worksheet, in another worksheet, in a help page, or on a web site.



A mathematical typesetting language.

Lineprint Notation


Mathematics displayed in a format similar to Maple commands, such that any expression is rendered on a single line without using subscripts, superscripts, or mathematical symbols.

Maple Input


Executable input, usually a mathematical expression, that Maple evaluates. The input is entered at the command prompt


and Maple displays the results of the evaluation as Maple output. By default, Maple input is displayed in red type.

Maple Notation


Maple Notation displays as Maple syntax.

Maple Output


The result of an executed Maple input command. By default, Maple output is displayed in blue type in 2-D Math notation.

Maple Text


A text representation of the Maple input, output, and other structures contained in a worksheet.

Menu Bar


A rectangular bar displayed at the top of the Maple window containing lists of commands and available options.



An element of the worksheet that contains any one or more of text, Maple input, Maple output, plots, and spreadsheets.



A graphical representation of a mathematical expression drawn in either a two-dimensional or a three-dimensional format.

Plot Object


The rectangular area in which plots are drawn, including all the axes, curves, and surfaces within it.



A symbol


that indicates where to enter Maple input.



An element of the worksheet that provides structure. It can contain paragraphs, execution groups, and other sections (subsections).

Section Heading


An element that describes the contents of the section.

Section Boundary


A bracket that identifies the elements that belong to the section.

Smart plot


A "live" Maple plot that can be modified by using a context menu. You can also drag curves and surfaces to and from a smart plot.



Spreadsheets in Maple display expressions in a table of cells arranged in rows and columns. Maple spreadsheets behave much the same as spreadsheets in other application programs.

2-D Math Notation


Editable mathematics displayed in a format similar in appearance to that found in business and education documents.

Status Bar


The bar at the bottom of a Maple window that displays diagnostic messages and system information.



A named set of attributes, such as bold, italics, underlined, centered, size, and font, that indicate how text should appear.

Title Bar


A colored bar at the top of a window. It displays the name of the window.



A rectangular bar displayed at the top of a Maple window containing buttons that are shortcuts for menu items.

Typeset Notation


Mathematics displayed in a format similar in appearance to that found in a textbook. Output displayed in Typeset Notation is noneditable.



A Maple document created with the graphical user interface.

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