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Drag and Drop a Curve or Surface


You can move Maple output to smart plots using the mouse. When you drag output to a smart plot, it becomes a curve or surface.

Add a Curve or Surface to an Existing Smart Plot


Add a curve or surface to an existing smart plot by dragging and dropping Maple output with the mouse.


Select the Maple output to add to the plot.


Hold the left mouse button down and drag the cursor to the set of axes where you want to place the new curve or surface.


Release the mouse button to plot the new curve or surface.


Alternatively, to copy the Maple output instead of moving it, select the Maple output, and then from the main menu, select Edit>Copy. Place the cursor on the set of axes and select Edit>Paste.

Cancel a Drag


While dragging an object over an invalid region, the mouse pointer changes to a "not" symbol (circle with a slash through it). Releasing the mouse button in such a region cancels the drag.


Note: You can add a curve to a plot that contains surfaces, but you cannot add a surface to a plot that contains only curves. Specifically, you can drag a 2-D expression to a 3-D smartplot, but you cannot drag a 3-D plot to a 2-D smartplot.

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