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Change Curve Style

Curve Styles


Maple provides the following styles for curves:


Polygon with outline style displays any polygons in the plot as polygons with a black outline.  Lines and points are drawn in the normal way.


Polygon style displays any polygons in the plot as polygons without an outline.  Lines and points are drawn in the normal way.


Line style displays a curve as a solid line and any polygons as outlines.


Point style displays any curves as a series of points created with symbols and any polygons by drawing symbols at their vertices. The plot of a curve will consist of the sample points only. To control the appearance of the symbols, see symbols and symbol size.


Point and Line style is a combination of the Line and Point styles.

Change the Style of an Individual Curve


Click the plot to select it. Alternatively, right-click on the plot.


From the Plot menu, select Style. Alternatively, right-click (Control-click for Macintosh) on the plot and from the context menu select Style.


Select the desired style.


Note: For standard plots, you can also use the style option in the plot command.

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