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Insert an Image

You can insert images into Maple worksheets and documents.  Supported formats:


Graphics Interchange Format - gif


Joint Photographic Experts Group - jpe, jpeg, jpg


Portable Network Graphics - png


Bitmap Graphics - bmp


Tagged Image File Format - tif, tiff, jfx


Portable aNyMap - pnm


Kodak FlashPix - fpx

Inserting Images

At the cursor, insert an image into the worksheet or document.


From the Insert menu, select Image. The Load Image dialog opens.


Specify a path or folder name.


Select a filename from the Files list.


Click Open. The image is displayed.

If the original object is altered, embedded objects do not change because the original object is pasted into the worksheet or document.

Resizing Images

You can resize inserted images.


Click the image. Resizing anchors appear at the sides and corners of the image.


Move the mouse over the resize anchor. Resizing arrows appear.


Click and drag the image to the desired size.

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