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Hide all worksheet elements of a specific type so that they are not visible in the current worksheet. This does not delete them, but hides them from view. Hidden elements are not printed or exported, but they are copied and pasted.

In a worksheet, use the Show Contents dialog to hide the following:


Captions.  For details, see Overview of Tables.










Section and execution boundaries


Hidden table borders on mouse pointer roll over.  For details, see Overview of Tables.


Annotation markers.  For details, see Overview of Annotations.

The settings apply only to the current worksheet.

Using the Show Contents Dialog

A check mark beside the item indicates that all worksheet elements of that type are displayed for the current worksheet.


From the View menu, select Show/Hide Contents. The Show Contents dialog opens with all items selected for display.


Clear the check box associated with the worksheet components or ranges you want to hide. By clearing the Input check box, only Maple input and 2-D math are hidden. Clearing the Graphics check box ensures that a plot, an image, or a canvas inserted in the worksheet by using the Insert menu option is also hidden.

Command Output Versus Insert Menu Output

Output is considered an element that results from executing a command. Inserted components are not considered output. Consider the following examples:

Showing a Plot Resulting from a Command

The plot resulting from executing the plot(sin); command is considered output.


To show a plot from the plot(sin); command, select both the Output and Graphics check boxes in the Show Contents dialog.

Showing a Plot Inserted with the Insert Menu Option

If you insert a plot by using the Insert menu option, that plot is not considered output. Therefore, if you clear the Output check box in the Show Contents dialog, that plot will be visible in the worksheet.


To hide an inserted plot, clear the Graphics check box in the Show Contents dialog.

Showing Inserted Images and Canvases

Inserted images and canvases are not considered output. As such, they will not be hidden if you clear the Output check box.


To hide an inserted image or canvas, clear the Graphics check box in the Show Contents dialog.

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