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Using Tasks


This help page describes how to insert and run tasks in the Maple worksheet.


Important: Many tasks use equation label references. To use these tasks, equation labels must be displayed. If your equations labels are disabled, enable them first. For information on equation labels, see the Using Equation Labels help page.


To use a task, complete the following three steps.

Select a Task


Maple tasks can be previewed in two ways.


From the Tools menu, select Tasks, and then Browse. The Task Browser opens and displays a list of tasks.


From the Help menu, select Manuals, Resources, and more, and then Tasks. The Help Navigator opens. Expand the Task folder in the left pane under Table of Contents to see the available tasks.


The tasks are sorted by subject to help you quickly find the desired task. In the Task Browser or Help Navigator, you can view tasks without inserting them into your worksheet.

Insert the Task into the Worksheet


There are three ways to insert a task into a worksheet using the Help Navigator or Task Browser.


Click the Copy Task to Clipboard button


Click the Insert Default Content button


Click the Insert Minimal Content button


Copy Task to Clipboard copies all content within the task, which you can paste into a worksheet.


Insert Default Content inserts the content specified by the Task content to insert setting. See Controlling the Default Content Setting.


Insert Minimal Content inserts only the commands.


If the Insert into a New Worksheet option is selected, Maple opens a new worksheet containing the task when you click the Insert Default Content or Insert Minimal Content button.


(in the Task Browser dialog only) The Display task markers option allows you to see which parts of a task will be inserted on clicking each of the buttons described above. See Creating Tasks for a description of the highlighting conventions.


You can also insert a previously inserted task into the current worksheet without browsing the list of tasks. From the Tools menu, select Tasks, and then the name of the task. Maple inserts the default content. See Controlling the Default Content Setting.



Before inserting a task, Maple checks whether the task variables have assigned values in your worksheet. If any task variable is assigned, the Task Variables dialog opens to allow you to modify the names. Maple uses the new variable names for all variable instances in the inserted task.


To specify that the Task Variables dialog be displayed every time you insert a task, so that you can always modify the variable names, use the Options Dialog.


From the Tools menu, select Options.


On the Display tab, in the Show task variables on insert drop-down menu, select Always. This option can also be set to Never.


See Options>Display.

Controlling the Default Content Setting


By default, some of the content displayed in the browse view of the task is not inserted. To change the content-insertion level, use the Options Dialog.


Perform one of the following platform-specific steps to open the Options dialog.


- (Windows and Linux) From the Tools menu, select Options.


- (Macintosh) From the Maple 2015 menu, select Preferences.


On the Display tab, in the Task content to insert drop-down menu, select one of:


-  All Content to insert all task content.


-  Standard Content to insert the title and description as well as the commands, but not the references.


-  Minimal Content to insert only the commands that perform the task.


See Options>Display.

Specify Parameters and Run the Task


In tasks, parameters are marked as placeholders. Update the parameter values as required.


Note: To navigate between placeholders in the worksheet, press the Tab key.


After updating any parameters, perform the task by, for example, running the commands or clicking buttons in the task.

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