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Parse Redundant Brackets in Superscripts as Derivatives


The following explains the use of the Parse redundant brackets in superscripts as derivatives option in the Typesetting Rule Assistant dialog.



If you want to represent f*f*f*f*f, you might enter f^5. In standard notation in calculus, derivatives are denoted by primes, such as f', f''.


At a certain order of derivative, entering and counting the number of primes becomes cumbersome. For example, what is f''''''''''?


Bracketed number notation is used to describe a derivative, so the above is written as f^(10), where the brackets are redundant. These redundant brackets are the key between detecting this notation as opposed to just f times itself 10 times, which is f^10.


For example:


f^5 -> f*f*f*f*f


f^(5) -> diff(f(x),x,x,x,x,x)


The ability to turn off this notation is necessary in the following example cases.










Where in the above '#' is a positive number, and 'n' is any single variable.


Note: The following cases do not apply for the reasons indicated.


f^(a+b) -> Brackets are redundant, are needed, and always a power.


(f+x)^(a+b) -> Brackets are redundant, are needed, and always a power.


f^(n)(x) -> Functions are not included, and have different rules.


sin^(n)(x) -> Same as above, includes known functions.

Using the Option in the Typesetting Rule Assistant


For the cases in which the rule does apply:


The query setting is the default setting, and displays a query dialog.


The always setting interprets the redundant brackets always as derivatives.


The never setting interprets as a power.

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