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Use the Matrix Palette


The Matrix palette contains a dialog for entering Matrices and Vectors.


Display the Matrix palette. See Show Palettes.


Enter the number of rows and columns you require. For a preview, click Choose.


Select the Type of Matrix (for example, Zero-filled).


Select the Shape of the Matrix (for example, Diagonal).


Select the Data type of the Matrix (for example, float[8]).


Click Insert Matrix to insert the Maple command in the worksheet. Depending on the number of rows or columns selected, the Insert button displays Insert Matrix, Insert Vector[row], or Insert Vector[column].


In Maple Notation (1-D math) mode, the Maple command is displayed in the worksheet. Press the Enter key to generate the Matrix or Vector.


In 2-D math mode, the generated Matrix or Vector is displayed.

Shortcut Keys


To increase the size of a Matrix, Vector, or piecewise function:


Add a new row by placing the cursor on the last row and pressing


Ctrl+Shift+R   (Command+Shift+R, Macintosh)


Add a new column by placing the cursor on the last column and pressing


Ctrl+Shift+C   (Command+Shift+C, Macintosh)

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