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Creating a Custom Snippets Palette

Maple provides a number of palettes, collections of buttons representing symbols, expressions, and so on, that can be inserted into a Maple document.  You can also create your own custom Snippets palette.  The process for creating a Snippets palette is:


Define the items that you will put on your palette by creating tasks.


Define a Snippets palette.


Create icons for your palette items (optional).


Add the palette items to your palette.

Defining a Palette Item by Creating a Task


Palettes are built from task templates.  A task template can be any subselection of a Maple worksheet (or an entire Maple worksheet).  It can include placeholders similar to those used in the Expression palette.


For information on this step, see Creating Tasks.

Defining a Snippets Palette


To define a Snippets palette, use the command DocumentTools[AddPalette].


You can specify where the palette appears in the Maple window (left or right, top or bottom).  To change this later, see Arranging Palettes.

Creating an Icon for Your Palette Item

To create the icon that will display on the palette:


Save the desired image as a PNG file.


Use the command DocumentTools[AddIcon] to store the icon in the same help database file as the associated task (by default, the file).

Note: Creating an icon is optional.  If you do not use an image file as the icon, then a default text display is used.

Adding a Palette Item to Your Palette


To add the palette item to your palette, use the command DocumentTools[AddPaletteEntry].

See Also

DocumentTools[AddIcon], DocumentTools[AddPalette], DocumentTools[AddPaletteEntry], worksheet/expressions/exppalette, worksheet/expressions/palettes, worksheet/expressions/sharepalette, worksheet/expressions/showpalettes, worksheet/help/creatingtasks

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