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Copy as MathML-Encoded Expressions

Copy a 2-D math expression as a MathML-encoded expression by using the Edit menu or the context-sensitive menu.  The math expression is copied to the system clipboard as MathML and then can be pasted into another application that supports the MathML language.

To copy as MathML:


Select the mathematical expression.  From the Edit menu, select Copy as MathML. (You can also display the context menu for the selection and then select Copy Special > Copy as MathML.)


In the target application, paste the MathML from the clipboard.

It is also possible to convert a formatted mathematical output expression to MathML and display the resulting MathML in Maple.


Select the mathematical output in the Maple worksheet. Right-click to display the context menu and select Conversions, and then MathML. The MathML-encoded expression that represents the selected mathematical output is returned in the form of a string.

You can then copy the MathML-encoded expression to use in another application by selecting the text between the <math> and </math> tags, inclusively.

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