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Using the Tab Icon and the Tab Key

Entering Tabs in a Worksheet and Table

To enter tabs in a worksheet, you must activate the Tab button ( ).


Click the Tab button. This activates the tab feature.


In your keyboard, press the Tab key. The cursor moves to the next tab indent location in the worksheet (or within the table cell).


To deactivate the tab feature, click the Tab button again.

2-D Math (Math mode) and the Tab Key

The Tab button is disabled when using 2-D math (Math mode). As such, you can use the Tab key to move between placeholders.

Navigating Placeholders in 1-D Math (Text mode) and Table Cells

Use the Tab key to move the cursor in the following cases:


To move between placeholders in a 1-D math expression inserted from a palette.


To move between cells in a table.

To move between placeholders or cells in a table:


Ensure that the Tab button ( ) is not activated.


Press the Tab key. The cursor moves to the next placeholder or table cell.


Note: To indent content within a cell, turn on the tab feature by clicking the Tab button to activate it.

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