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Setting the Autoexecute Feature


The Autoexecute feature allows you to designate regions of a worksheet for automatic execution.


To view the sections of a worksheet that are marked for autoexecute, you must set the worksheet interface to display markers.  See Markers for more information.



Select the region that must be automatically executed when the worksheet opens.


From the Format menu, select Autoexecute, and then Set.



To remove the autoexecute setting in a region:


Select the region to be cleared.


From the Format menu, select Autoexecute, and then Clear.


To remove all autoexecution in a worksheet, select Clear All.



To repeat autoexecution of marked groups:


From the Edit menu, select Execute, and then Repeat Autoexecute.

Warning Levels


To set warning levels for the autoexecute feature, use the Security tab in the Options dialog.

See Also

Execution Groups, Markers, Options>Security, Start Up Code

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