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Common Actions in Using the Standard Worksheet Interface


The following is an alphabetical listing of common actions associated with using the Standard Worksheet interface. Each action (or topic) is followed by the menu path for completing a task.


Close the active document or worksheet - File>Close Document


Close a window, including all tabs - File>Close Window


Execute selection - Edit>Execute>Selection: Computes or recomputes a selection of execution groups in your worksheet.


Execute worksheet - Edit>Execute>Worksheet: Computes or recomputes the entire Maple worksheet when you have changed expressions that affect subsequent Maple commands.


Exit Maple - File>Exit: Selecting Exit closes all worksheets.


Find/Replace - Edit>Find/Replace: Searches for the specified text in a help page or active worksheet. Optionally, replace text in an active worksheet. The Find feature searches text, Maple Input, and simple names in 2-D math notation (such as x in the expression x2y+10).


Forward-Backward in Help Page History  - In help system, View>Forward or View>Back, or back and forward arrows: Travels through history of opened help pages.


Go To - In help system, Edit>Go To: Moves the cursor to the location of a heading in the help page.


Indent - Format>Indent: Indents selected elements from your worksheet one level by enclosing selection in a subsection.


Insert text -  Insert>Text


Introduction -  (Classic Worksheet Interface only) Help>Introduction: Displays introduction to the Maple product. This page opens automatically the first time you use Maple.


Open a new worksheet in Worksheet mode - File>New>Worksheet Mode


Open a new document in Document mode - File>New>Document Mode


Open a new template - File>New>Templates


Outdent - Format>Outdent: Decreases the indentation of a worksheet element by one level by removing one subsection that encloses the worksheet element.


Page setup for printing - File>Page Setup


Paragraph alignment - Format>Paragraph: Select from Left, Center, Right, and Justify.


Printing a help page - In help system, File>Print


Printing a worksheet -  File>Print


Redo - Edit>Redo: Reverses the last undone action.


Remove output from a selection -  Edit>Remove Output>From Selection


Remove output from a worksheet -  Edit>Remove Output>From Worksheet: Removes Maple output from all execution groups in a worksheet.


Text format - Format>Character: Select from Bold, Italic, Underline, Superscript, Subscript, Color, and Highlight Color


Undo -  Edit>Undo: Reverses your last action.  Applying undo after an execution removes the output from the worksheet but does not change the state of the kernel.

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