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Working in Worksheet Mode


Worksheet mode allows you to quickly perform computations, while having access to the input palettes, context menus, and text input functions such as document blocks. In worksheet mode:


The input prompt is displayed


Math can be entered as Standard (2-D math) or Classic (1-D math) input


Command completion is supported


You can insert images, plots, tables, sketches, and Maple spreadsheets:

Starting in Worksheet Mode


By default, Maple opens in Document mode.


To open a new file in Worksheet mode:


From the File menu, select New, and then Worksheet Mode.


To change the default to always open new files in Worksheet mode:


From the Tools, select Options.


Within the Interface tab, set the default format for new worksheets to Worksheet.


Click Apply to Session, Apply Globally, or Cancel.

Saving Worksheets


Maple Worksheets are saved as .mw files. When you open a file that is a Maple worksheet, Maple opens automatically in Worksheet mode.

Creating Document Blocks in Worksheets


Maple Documents are a series of Document Blocks, but Worksheets can also contain document blocks, along with Maple code. To create a document block, from the Format menu select Create Document Block.


You can collapse and expand document blocks to hide or view the underlying code.


To hide the code behind a Document:


As a visual aid, ensure that the Markers feature is activated. From the View menu, select Markers. Document block markers are displayed in the left sidebar.


Insert the cursor in a document block to be expanded.


From the View menu, select Group and Block Management followed by Collapse Document Block.


To view the code again, Expand Document Block from the same list.

Execution Groups


You can insert a new command prompt from the Insert menu. You can choose to insert an execution group before or after the cursor. See Insert Execution Group for details.


More information about execution groups is at Structure Worksheets with Execution Groups.

Executing 2-D Math in Worksheet Mode


You execute 2-D math in Worksheet mode by using any of the following methods:


Press Enter. This evaluates and displays results on the next line.


Use the Edit menu item Execute>Selection.


The dual behavior of the Enter key in document blocks is set in Options dialog.


To display output in a document block when using the Enter key:


From the Tools menu, select Options. The Options dialog opens.


Click the Display tab.


Select the Display output from Evaluate (Document Block) check box.


Click Apply to Session.

Complete Command


Begin entering a command in the worksheet.


To list all Maple packages, commands, functions, and symbols (2-D math mode) that match the entered text, from the Tools menu select Complete Command, or use the short cut key:


Command + Shift + Space, Macintosh


Ctrl + Space, Windows


Ctrl + Shift + Space, Linux

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