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Sharing Worksheet Content

You can use the MapleCloud palette to share an entire Maple standard worksheet or a worksheet selection with other users. If you share a worksheet selection, it will be added to a new worksheet that contains only the text and objects that you selected. You must be logged in to the MapleCloud Document Exchange to share content. You can share worksheets and worksheet selections that are 1106 characters or smaller.

If you want to share content with certain Maple users only, make sure that a custom group has been created before sharing your content. For more information, see MapleCloud Groups.



In certain custom groups, group members may not have permissions to share content or view content shared by other group members. Contact your group owner for more details about your permissions.


For more information about the MapleCloud Terms of Service, visit For best practices on using the MapleCloud Document Exchange, visit

To share worksheet content:


Log in to the MapleCloud Document Exchange.


Open the worksheet that contains the content you want to share.


If you want to share a worksheet selection, select the text and objects in the worksheet. If you want to share an entire worksheet, you do not need to select any text or objects in the worksheet.


In the MapleCloud palette, click the upload button ( ).


Alternatively, go to File menu and select Save To Cloud.


In the Message field, enter the subject that will be displayed for the worksheet entry in the MapleCloud palette.


From the list box, select the group in which you want to share the content.

Note: If you want to store your content in a location that is not visible to other users, select the private group.


If you selected text and objects, you can still choose whether you want to share the selection or the entire worksheet. To share the selection, select Send Current Selection. To share the entire worksheet, select Send entire document.


Click Send.

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