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Viewing Shared Worksheet Content

The MapleCloud palette lists entries for the shared worksheet content that you have permissions to view. All Maple users can view content shared in the public, or Maplesoft@admin groups. You must be logged in to the MapleCloud Document Exchange to view content in a custom group that you have joined or the private group.



In certain custom groups, group members may not have permissions to view content shared by other members. Contact your group owner for more details about your permissions.


You can configure security settings for worksheets that you open from the MapleCloud palette specifically. For more information, see Options Dialog - Security Tab.

To view worksheet content:


From the File menu, select Open from Cloud.


Alternatively, expand the MapleCloud palette.


From the drop-down list, select the group in which the worksheet content has been shared.


In the MapleCloud list, browse to the worksheet entry that you want to view.



Browse the Popular or New worksheets in the MapleCloud by clicking on the appropriate tab in the MapleCloud palette.  You can view worksheets you have "liked" in the Favorites tab.  For more information on liking worksheets, see Liking Shared Worksheet Content.


Click the arrow buttons below the list to scroll up and down.


Perform a full text search on the MapleCloud Document Exchange.  To perform a full text search, enter a search term in the Search field and press Enter.


Click the refresh button ( ) to update the list with the most recent worksheet entries.


Double-click the entry of the worksheet that you want to view. Alternatively, right-click (Control-click for Macintosh®) the entry and select Open. The worksheet is opened in Maple.

Note:  Worksheets opened from the MapleCloud run on a new Maple kernel.  For more information on Maple kernels, see Kernel Modes.

You can now save a copy of the worksheet to your computer.

Note:  For more information, visit For best practices on using the MapleCloud Document Exchange, visit  

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