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What's New in Maple 9.5?


The following is a summary of the major improvements in Maple 9.5. For detailed information on a specific topic, click the corresponding Details link. For an index of the updates, see the Index of New Maple 9.5 Features.

Rock-Solid Numerics with World Class Symbolics


Continuing the tradition of providing standards-compliant algorithms that deliver maximum accuracy and powerful solvers, Maple 9.5 significantly expands the type and complexity of problems you can solve.


The Optimization package is a powerful tool that extends Maple's numeric problem solving capabilities.


- Numeric methods for solutions of optimization problems


- Easy-to-use interactive Maplet(TM) assistant to set up and edit problems


- Arbitrary-precision solutions for maximum accuracy


- Solvers for linear, quadratic, and nonlinear programs, including constrained and unconstrained problems


- Solvers for linear and nonlinear least-squares problems


For details related to the Optimization package, see New Packages.


Differential-algebraic equation (DAE) solvers support advanced modeling applications. Details...


Improved ODE and PDE solvers extend Maple's lead in the technical software industry. Details...


Numerical performance improvements appear throughout the system. Using the latest technical advancements, Maple 9.5 is significantly faster than before. Details...


Many other additions, including improvements to the simplification, conversion, and combination of symbolic expressions; series expansions; and the mathematical function advisor mean Maple 9.5 can do more than ever before. Details...

True Knowledge Management


Maple 9.5 contains new tools and an improved working environment to allow you to truly manage, manipulate, and convey your knowledge, not just your calculation results.


With the inclusion of a Dictionary of mathematical and engineering terms and concepts, Maple 9.5 provides convenient access to important technical reference information.


- Over 5000 mathematical definitions.


- Over 300 diagrams.


- Fully integrated into the help system.


- Definitions can be accessed as help pages using an alphabetical listing in the Maple help system, or through links in a worksheet or help page.


- Short definitions appear as pop-ups.


For details related to the Dictionary, see GUI Updates .


Enhancements to plots improve  interactive manipulation through sliders, scaling, panning, and an enhanced plot builder.  Details...


New dockable palettes make expression entry easier.  Details...


Easy-to-access interactive task assistants help with common tasks, such as unit conversion and ODE solving.  Details...


Improved command completion for easy navigation of the Maple command set.  Details...


Mathematica(R) Notebook conversion and command translation save time when migrating your work to Maple.  Details...


OpenMaple(TM) allows access to Maple using C and now Java(TM) and Visual Basic(R) programs.  Details...


Many new features offer advanced programmers greater convenience and programming tools, including debugging a running program.  Details...



Maple 9.5 offers more tools to help educators effectively deliver course material, and to facilitate and increase students' understanding of mathematical and engineering concepts.


The Student[MultivariateCalculus] package assists with the teaching and learning of multivariate calculus.


- Interactive tutors use Maplet technology to provide effective environments in which to explore complex concepts in multivariate calculus. For example:


* Integral approximation


* Taylor approximation


* Directional derivatives


- Curriculum-specific visualization routines improve students' comprehension in key topics such as the:


* Taylor approximation


* Change of variables


* Center of mass


* Gradient


* Jacobian


* Surface area


For details related to the Student[MultivariateCalculus] package, see New Packages.


The expanded Tools menu provides easy access to 40 interactive tutors, which guide you through mathematical explorations in precalculus, calculus, multivariate calculus, and linear algebra.  Details...


The Student[Precalculus] package now includes more functions for visual explorations of topics in greater depth.  Details...

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