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What's New in Maple 10?


The following is a summary of the major improvements in Maple 10. For detailed information on a specific topic, click the corresponding Details link. For an index of the updates, see the Index of New Maple 10 Features.

Rich Technical Documents


Maple 10 lets you create sophisticated live documents that seamlessly integrate the mathematical results with derivations, explanations, plots, and other forms of technical knowledge.  New features for document creation include:


Sophisticated mathematical equation editor to create textbook-quality equations, easily and interactively


Over a thousand mathematical symbols


Document blocks to write textbook-style content with live calculations while hiding computational details


Tables provide layout control


Automatic equation labeling


Plotting improvements include gridlines, axes properties, and glossiness of surfaces.  Details...


Embedded GUI components, including sliders, buttons, and entry fields


For details of these features, see User Interface.

Easy To Use


Maple 10 offers the right tools to enter, solve, and explore your mathematics without complicated commands or programming.


Document mode for command-free problem solving


Equation editor and palettes for entering your problem in standard mathematical notation


Handwriting recognition palette for finding the correct symbol


Extended context menus now have a larger set of computational routines, including units-related operations for easy unit manipulation


Task templates for fill-in-the-blank problem solving of over 200 different tasks


New interactive task assistants for importing and analyzing data


Maplet Builder for point-and-click creation of Maplet applications


For details of these features, see User Interface.

Rock Solid Numerics with World Class Symbolics


Maple 10 standards-compliant solvers embody tightly integrated, rock-solid numerics and world-class symbolics, delivering the power, speed, and accuracy that modern applications demand.


New Statistical capabilities: A collection of functions and interactive tools for mathematical statistics and data analysis.  The Statistics package allows you to work efficiently with large datasets, and supports a wide range of common statistical tasks such as quantitative and graphical data analysis, symbolic manipulation of random variables, simulation, and curve fitting.  Features include:


- Over 35 continuous and discrete probability distributions


- Interactive data analysis assistant to explore your data


- Statistical plots such as box plots, bar charts, histograms, probability plots and scatter plots


- Tools for fitting linear and nonlinear models to data points and performing regression analysis


- Statistical Process Control package with 11 different statistical control charts for process control variables and attributes


For details related to the Statistics package, see New Packages.


State-of-the-art differential equation solvers: Maple 10 uses new sophisticated functions to represent solutions to many formerly unsolvable families of linear and nonlinear differential equations.  Details...


Enhanced Optimization package: Support for integer linear programming, choice of solver methods, automatic plotting of constraints and objective functions using the interactive Optimization assistant. Details...


Compiled function option: Dramatic acceleration of numerical computations. Details...


Numerous improvements and additions, including numerical differentiation, fractional and abstract order derivatives, polynomial ideals, and hardware computations using complex numbers



When teaching students, training employees or training  yourself, Maple 10 provides a variety of tools for mathematical education


Student[VectorCalculus] package


- Routines for teaching and learning the calculus of functions from R^n to R^m


- Over 35 commands for performing computations, visualizations, and interactive problem solving


- Interactive tutors for exploring space curves and vector fields through plots and animations


- All computations in the package can be performed in 5 predefined coordinate systems


For details related to the Student[VectorCalculus] package, see New Packages.


Maple T.A. automated testing and assessment tools


- Question authoring environment provides templates for creating common question types, such as fill-in-the-blank, Maple-graded, and multiple-choice questions


- Questions can contain plots, hints, feedback, and algorithmically-generated variables


- Assignments are used inside Maple for student practice, printed, or exported to Maple T.A.


For details related to the Maple T.A. testing and assessment tools, see User Interface.


Enhanced student tutors: Tutors from all subjects have the ability to control the appearance of the plots and increased control over animations.


For details related to the Student package, see Enhanced Packages


The Maple Graphing Calculator provides a traditional graphing calculator interface. Perfect for students who are more comfortable with a calculator environment.


For details of the Maplesoft Graphing Calculator, see User Interface


New Manuals


- Getting Started Guide has completely new content


- User Manual has new content that replaces the Learning Guide


- Available online through the Maple Help menu


For details of the New Manuals, see User Interface

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