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Compatibility Issues in Maple 18


The following is a brief description of the compatibility issues that affect users upgrading from Maple 17 to Maple 18.

Migrating Help Content from Previous Versions of Maple


Maple 18 has a new and improved help system. Consequently, existing .hdb format databases must be converted to .help format. For complete instructions, see HelpTools/Migrate.


The INTERFACE_HELP command has been deprecated.  To create and work with help databases, see the makehelp command and the HelpTools package.



Maple 17 introduced a new, high performance data structure for polynomials.  Due to the efficiency of this data structure, SDMPolynom has been deprecated.

Signal Processing


For ease of use, the Engine subpackage of the SignalProcessing package has been removed, and the commands that were part of the Engine subpackage in Maple 17 are now present as top-level exports of the SignalProcessing package.  Code and worksheets that referenced exports of SignalProcessing[Engine] will continue to work, but can now be updated to simply use exports of SignalProcessing itself.



The tensor package has been deprecated.  Use the superseding packages DifferentialGeometry and Physics instead.

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