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New Math Apps

3D Waves

Apparent Wind

Argument Shading

Balance of Trade

Base & Normality

Bézier Curves

Cellular Automata

Chebyshev-Padé Approximation

Collatz Conjecture



Continued Fractions

Costs of Production

Cylindrical Coordinates

Entropy & Maxwell's Demon

GCD & The Euclidean Algorithm

Goldbach's Conjecture



Kinematics Quantities


Letter Frequencies

Linear Approximations of a Function

The Lonely Runner Conjecture

Lorenz Attractor

Monty Hall Problem

Napoleon's Theorem


Nine Point Circle

Password Security

Planned Expenditure

Production Possibilities Frontier

Random Walk

Reaction Time

Reuleaux 3D

Reuleaux Triangle

The River Crossing Problem

Roots of Unity

Rule of 70


Spherical Coordinates

Sums of Trigonometric Functions



SVD Image Compression

The Book of Lemmas:

Proposition 7

Tide Height Variation

Toroidal Coordinates


Triangle Properties


Venn Diagrams

See Also


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