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The triangular Indexing Function



The triangular indexing function can be used to construct rtable objects of type Array or Matrix.


In the construction of a Matrix, if triangular or triangular[upper] is included in the calling sequence as an indexing function (shape), an upper triangular Matrix is returned.


This indexing function may also be qualified as either triangular[unit] or triangular[lower] (hence, also as triangular[upper, unit] and triangular[lower, unit]).


Note:  The Matrix need not be square.


The specification is similar in the construction of an Array.


If an object is defined by using the triangular or triangular[upper] indexing function, the elements located in the lower triangle cannot be reassigned.


The situation is similar in a construction that uses triangular[lower] or triangular[lower, unit] as an indexing function.






Error, attempt to assign to upper triangle of lower triangular rtable

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