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Overview of stats[fit] Subpackage

Calling Sequence





Important: The stats package has been deprecated. Use the superseding package Statistics instead.


The stats[fit] subpackage provides a tool for fitting curves to statistical data.


Each command in the stats[fit] package can be accessed by using either the long form or the short form of the command name in the command calling sequence.

List of stats[fit] Subpackage Commands


The following is a list of available commands.





To display the help page for a particular stats[fit] command, see Getting Help with a Command in a Package.


Some commands either require or use parameters in addition to the data given as arguments. These parameters appear as an index to the command name. See below for some examples.


If a particular call cannot be evaluated, for example trying to find the mode of a statistical list that contains a non-numerical entry, then the call is returned unevaluated. Information is provided in the variable `stats/lasterror` why a call was not evaluated. Also, this information is automatically given if infolevel[stats] has been set to a value greater than or equal to one, prior to the unsuccessful call.


Important: The stats package has been deprecated. Use the superseding package Statistics instead.


this example uses the defaults to fit the data to the curve y=a*x+b




This is the same as




One can also specify nonlinear curves -- as long as the unknown parameters appear linearly




See Also

Statistics, Statistics,Fit, stats(deprecated)

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