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stats[statplots, scatterplot] - Sunflower Plot

Calling Sequence

stats[statplots, scatterplot]( data, format=sunflower[l], ..)

statplots[scatterplot](data, format=sunflower[l], ..)

scatterplot(data, format=sunflower[l], ..)




statistical list(s)



maximum length of one side of an sunflower box



plot options



Important: The stats package has been deprecated. Use the superseding package Statistics instead.


The function scatterplot with the format parameter format=sunflower of the subpackage stats[statplots] organizes data clusters into sunflowers.


This type of plot is often used or when there is a large number of data points involved.  The idea is that it is not necessary to have the detail of each individual point in a plot.  Closely grouped points are plotted instead as sunflowers.


A sunflower is a two dimensional object centered in a cube with side length l.  One radial arm extends from the center point for each real point contained within the cube.


Fractionally weighted points produce only a fraction of a radial arm. Two points of weight 1/2, in the same cube will produce one radial arm.


All points in this plot are replaced by sunflowers.  The replacement is done in a systematic way, so there will be one sunflower per cube with side-length l in a standard lattice of cubes.


If l is zero, or unspecified, a default value will be used. The default value is one-tenth the range of the x-coordinate data.


Class data is converted to classmarks before generating the plot.  Weighted data is accounted for.  Missing data is ignored.


The command with(stats[statplots] allows the use of the abbreviated form of this command.


Important: The stats package has been deprecated. Use the superseding package Statistics instead.








See Also

Statistics, Statistics[ScatterPlot], statplots(deprecated)[scatterplot], stats(deprecated)[data], stats(deprecated)[statplots]

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