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simplex[pivot] - construct a new set of equations given a pivot

Calling Sequence

pivot(C, x, eqn)




set or list of equations



variable name



equation or list of equations



The call pivot(C, x, eqn) constructs a new set of equations in a form compatible with the forms used in simplex[setup], by solving the specified equation eqn for x, then substituting the result into C. This is equivalent to the standard simplex pivot on an array of coefficients.


To re-express the objective function f in terms of this new description, one can substitute the result of pivot into f.


If eqn is a list of equations, then eqn1 is used.  This is to facilitate easy user interaction with the function simplex[pivoteqn] used to choose an equation to use for the next pivot.


The command with(simplex,pivot) allows the use of the abbreviated form of this command.






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