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simplex[minimize] - minimize a linear program

Calling Sequence

minimize(f, C)

minimize(f, C, vartype)

minimize(f, C, vartype, 'NewC', 'transform')




linear expression



set or list of linear constraints






(optional) name



(optional) name



The expression f is the linear objective function to be minimized subject to the linear constraints C. The function minimize returns either a set of equations describing the optimal solution to the specified linear program, or the empty set in the case where no feasible solution to C exists, or NULL in the case where the solution is unbounded.


The equations returned by minimize can be substituted back into the objective function f to obtain the value of the objective function at the optimal solution.


A third parameter may be used to specify that all variables are constrained to be NONNEGATIVE; such constraints may also be listed explicitly. Similarly, UNRESTRICTED indicates that no sign constraint is to be placed on the variables.


A fourth and a fifth parameter may be included to specify names for returning the optimal description, and any variable transformations used to set up the problem.


The Optimization[LPSolve] command also computes solutions to linear programs.  It is generally more efficient than the simplex[minimize] command, but performs all its computations using floating-point values.


The command with(simplex,minimize) allows the use of the abbreviated form of this command.






See Also

Optimization[LPSolve], simplex[maximize]

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