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plots[setoptions] - set default options for plots

Calling Sequence





(optional) standard options accompanying PLOT structures



This function sets global options for 2-D plots. These become default for all subsequent 2-D plots in the same Maple session. See  the plot/options help page for a list of options.


Calls to this function are typically put into a user initialization file such that customized options are loaded on startup.  See the mapleinit help page for details.


The following options cannot be set with the setoptions command: adaptive, coords, discont, filled, filledregions and sample.


The setoptions command allows a single value to be set for each option; lists of option values are not accepted.  To specify a list of colors for curves in a 2-D plot, use the plots[setcolors] command.



setoptionstitle=`Family Plot`,axes=boxed,size=400,200


See Also

mapleinit, plot/option, plots[setcolors], plots[setoptions3d]

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