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plots[polygonplot3d] - create a plot of one or more polygons

Calling Sequence

polygonplot3d(L, options)

polygonplot3d(A, options)

polygonplot3d(v1, v2, v3, options)




list of polygon vertices, each given as a 3-element list



n by 3 Matrix, where n is any positive integer

v1, v2, v3


Vectors, all of the same length



(optional) equations of the form option=value, where option is any of the available plot options 



The polygonplot3d command is used to create a 3-D plot of a polygon. The polygon's vertices are provided as the list L, the Matrix A, or the Vectors v1 and v2.


The list L must contain 3-element lists or Vectors [x, y, z], each representing the numeric x-, y- and z-coordinates of a vertex.


The Matrix must be n by 3, where n is any positive integer. Each row of the Matrix contains the x-, y- and z-coordinates of a vertex. If a 3 by n Matrix is given, with n not equal to 3, then it will be automatically transposed. The Vectors, representing the x-coordinates, y-coordinates and z-coordinates respectively, can have any length, but all must have the same length.


Remaining arguments are interpreted as options which are specified as equations of the form option = value. These options are the same as those available for the plot3d command, as described in plot3d options.


Multiple polygons may be plotted by providing a list containing polygons in the list or Matrix form, as described above. In this case, the color option value can be a list of n colors, where n is the number of polygons.








See Also

Matrix, plot/color, plot3d, plot3d/option, plots/polygonplot

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