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plots[pointplot] - create a 2-D point plot

Calling Sequence

pointplot(L, options)

pointplot(A, options)

pointplot(v1, v2, options)




set or list of two-dimensional points



n by 2 Matrix, where n is any positive integer

v1, v2


Vectors of the same length



(optional) equations of the form option=value, where option is any of the available plot options or one of connect, symbol, or color



The pointplot function is used to create a two-dimensional plot of points. The points that are to be plotted come from the set or list L, the Matrix A, or the Vectors v1 and v2.


The list may be either a list of points p, where p is a list or Vector containing two numbers, or a flat list with an even number of values.


The Matrix must be n by 2, where n is any positive integer. Each row of the Matrix contains the x- and y-coordinates of a point. If a 2 by n Matrix is given, with n not equal to 2, then it will be automatically transposed. The Vectors, representing the x-coordinates and y-coordinates respectively, can have any length, but both must have the same length.


If you have a very large number of points, it is recommended that you provide the data as a Matrix with datatype set to float.


A common error is to provide a sequence of points without putting them in a list. Note that pointplot([1,2], [3,4]) is interpreted as the points (1,3) and (2,4), and not as the points (1,2) and (3,4).


The option connect=true specifies that the points are to be connected by line segments.  In this case, L should be a list to ensure a consistent ordering of the points. The value of this option is assumed to be true if the style=line or style=pointline option is provided.


The option symbol=s specifies the symbol used in the display.  See the symbol entry in the plot/option help page for a list of available symbols.


The option color=s specifies the color of the points. The allowable values for s are given in the plot/color help page. A list or Vector of n colors, where n is the number of points, may also be provided.


Remaining arguments are interpreted as options which are specified as equations of the form option = value. These options are the same as those available for the plot command, as described in plot/options.









The following constructions are equivalent.












See Also

Matrix, plot, plot/color, plot/option, plots[pointplot3d], Statistics[PointPlot], Vector

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