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plots[listcontplot3d] - three-dimensional contour plot of a grid of values

Calling Sequence

listcontplot3d(G, options)




list of lists or Matrix of numeric values



The listcontplot3d function creates a 3-D contour plot of a grid (list of lists or Matrix) of numeric values.


Remaining arguments are interpreted as plot options. See plot3d[option] for a list of possible options.


Option levels is provided as a synonym of the option contours. Either of these specifies the number of contours to draw, the default being eight.


The filledregions=true option can be specified to obtain a filled contour plot. The coloring option can, in this case, be used to specify a gradation in color, or color range. The default is a color range from red to yellow. To specify a color range, use the form coloring=[a,b], where a and b refer to colors recognized by plot3d. See plot[color] for an explanation of colors.


Data saved in external files may be imported into a Matrix with the ImportMatrix command and passed to listcontplot3d.  






See Also

ImportMatrix, plot3d, plot3d[option], plot[color], plots[contourplot3d], plots[listcontplot], plots[matrixplot], readdata

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