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plots[complexplot] - create a 2-D complex plot

Calling Sequence

complexplot(expr, t=a..b, xv, yv, options)

complexplot(f, a..b, xv, yv, options)

complexplot(L, xv, yv, options)




algebraic; expression in parameter t defining a curve



name; curve parameter



procedure; procedure in one variable defining a curve

a, b


realcons; endpoints of parameter range



list; complex numbers specified as points



(optional) range or name=range; view of horizontal axis



(optional) range or name=range; view of vertical axis



(optional) sequence of equations; plot options



The complexplot command creates a 2-D plot displaying complex values, with the x-direction representing the real part and the y-direction representing the imaginary part.  The complex function may be given as an algebraic expression or a procedure.  Alternatively, a list of points may be provided.  For 3-D complex plots, see plots[complexplot3d].


The first calling sequence, complexplot(expr, t=a..b), plots the complex expression expr which is a function of a single real parameter t over the parameter range a..b.


The second calling sequence, complexplot(f, a..b), plots the complex function represented by f, a procedure taking a single real parameter and returning a complex value, over the parameter range a..b.  For more information about plotting procedures using operator notation, see plot/function.


The third calling sequence, complexplot(L), plots a list of complex values as points.  The points are connected unless the style=point option is given.


For all three calling sequences, additional arguments having the form u=v..w or v..w may be provided, where u is a name and v and w are real constants.  If one such argument is provided, it defines the view of the x-axis.  If two are provided, they define the views of the x-axis and y-axis. The name u is used as the axis label if given.


Remaining arguments are interpreted as options as described in the plot/options help page.



Plot an expression over a parameter range.


Plot a procedure over a parameter range, with a restricted view.


Plot a list of points and display using an x-axis view of 0..10.





The command to create the plot from the Plotting Guide is


See Also

plot, plot/function, plot/options, plots, plots[complexplot3d]

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