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plots[animatecurve] - create an animation of the drawing of 2-D curves

Calling Sequence

animatecurve(F, r)





a single curve or a list or set of curves



horizontal range



a single curve in parametric form or a list or set of such curves



The animatecurve command allows you to visualize the drawing of curves in 2-D space. The curve F can be specified as an expression in one variable or a procedure with one input parameter. For more information about the forms that F can take, see the plot and plot/function help pages.


Alternatively, the curve can be provided in parametric form, which is also described in the plot and plot/function help pages. Note that, if F or P is a set or list, it cannot have a combination of parametric and regular curves.


The second argument r is required for the first calling sequence only. It is not used for curves in parametric form. If F is a procedure or list/set of procedures, then r must be a range. Otherwise, r must have the form name=range where the left hand side is the variable name appearing in F.


the numpoints option sets the minimum number of points used in generating the curve for the final frame. This setting starts at a low number and increases gradually from the first frame to the last.


The paraminfo option shows the value of the parameter in the title. It works the same way as the paraminfo option in plots:-animate. However, it can take additionally a name or string to be used instead of the automatically generated name in the title.


Additional options, such as color or view, may be provided. Any of the options described in the plot/options help page that are applicable to curves may be used. Options accepted by the plots:-animate command, such as the frames option for specifying the number of animation frames, may also be given to the animatecurve command.


Note: To animate the plots below, right-click (Control-click for Macintosh) a plot object, select Animation, and then select Play.



animatecurvex→sinx,π..π,color=Niagara Blue,paraminfo=x





See Also

plot , plot/function, plot/options, plots:-animate

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