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Postscript Plotting Options



The following values can be passed in the plot option string using the commands interface or plotsetup. They allow finer control over the rendering of the image. The plot option string contains multiple keyword parameters separated by commas.


Each dimension may be either an integer or a floating-point number. The suffixes "pt", "cm", and "in" are interpreted as PostScript points (1/72 of an inch), centimeters (2.54 cm/inch), and inches, respectively. If no suffix is specified, then points will be assumed for postscript plots.


Variables "width" and "height" specify the size of the plot in user coordinates. Thus, the "width" dimension is the horizontal length of the plot when held "right-side-up", regardless of the orientation which it was printed on paper(e.g., "landscape" or "portrait"). Similarly, the "height" refers to the vertical length, independent of the orientation of the plot when printed on paper.


The keywords "portrait" and "landscape" control the orientation of the plot on the page.  The default is landscape mode.


The keyword "noborder" disables printing the border around the plot.


The following options are deprecated in the Standard interface:


Variables "axiswidth" and "axisheight" control the size of the Maple plot. If specified, the plot will be scaled to so that the lengths of the axes in each dimension match the requested values. These values override any settings for width and height.


Specifying the keyword "color" changes the way colors are drawn in the postscript output. Accepted values are "rgb", "cmyk", "gray", "grey", or "none". Using "rgb" or "cmyk" allows full color representation. Using "gray" or "grey" translates all colors to a corresponding shade of gray in the output. Using "none" translates to a two-color representation where everything is drawn in either black or white.


Variables "leftmargin" and "bottommargin" specify the location of the plot, by specifying the size of the margin to the left and bottom of the page when the page is held in a portrait orientation.  The default values center the plot on an 8.5 x 11 inch page.


The variable "shrinkby" gives the user precise control over how much whitespace is left between the size of the plot and the positions of the ends of the axes. If shrinkby=0.5 and the width is 4 inches, the x-axis will actually be (4 - 4 * 0.5) = 2 inches long. If shrinkby=0.2 then it will be (4 - 4*0.2) = 3.2 inches long. Note: if shrinkby=0, plot labels will be displayed beyond the border, and will not be seen if the border is drawn.



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