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Plotting Interfaces



When using Maple's plotting features, you may encounter differences with the various interfaces.  These differences are described in the sections below.


With any of these interfaces, you may redirect plotting output to an alternative device. For more information, see plot/device.

Standard Worksheet Interface


The Standard Worksheet interface provides full functionality for plotting. Help pages describing plotting commands and interactive features are written with the assumption that you are using the Standard Worksheet interface.

Classic Worksheet Interface


The Classic Worksheet interface provides a subset of the full plotting functionality available with the Standard Worksheet interface.  It does not include plotting features added in Maple 9 and later versions.  Features not available in the Classic Worksheet interface are listed below.


Typesetting of text and mathematics on plots, as described in plot/typesetting, is not available.  In these cases, the expression to be typeset is converted to a string and displayed as plain text.


The following plotting options are not supported: axis, caption, glossiness, gridlines, legendstyle, transparency.  If any of these options are provided in a plotting command, it is ignored.  For more information about plotting options, see plot/options and plot3d/option.


The following symbols are not available with the symbol option: asterisk, diagonalcross, solidbox, solidcircle, soliddiamond. If one of these option names is provided to a plot command, a default symbol is used instead.


Tables of plots created using an Array with the plots[display] command are not supported and are simulated with single plot structures.


A different filling algorithm for polygons is used, and consequently, non-convex polygons may be filled incorrectly.


Polar axes, normally obtained through the plots[polarplot] command or the axiscoordinates=polar option, are not available. Cartesian axes are displayed in all cases.


Dual-axis plots, normally obtained through the plots[dualaxisplot] command, are not available.


A list of colors cannot be provided to the plots[pointplot] or plots[pointplot3d] command.


Only two angles, [theta, phi] can be used with the orientation option. If a third psi value is included in the orientation list, it is ignored and the default value of 0 is used instead.

Command-line Interface


The command-line interface produces a simple character plot.  Most plotting options are not supported in this interface.

See Also

plot/device, plot/option, plot3d/option, plots[display]

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