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Set Plot Coordinate System



The default coordinate system for all two dimensional plotting commands is the cartesian coordinate system.  The coords option allows the user to alter this coordinate system.  The alternate choices are:  bipolar, cardioid, cassinian, elliptic, hyperbolic, invcassinian, invelliptic, logarithmic, logcosh, maxwell, parabolic, polar, rose, and tangent.


See coords for a full description of each of these coordinate systems.


All coordinate systems are also valid for parametrically defined 2-D plots with the same interpretations of the coordinate system transformations.


With most plotting commands, Cartesian axes are displayed by default, regardless of the coordinate system used.  The plots[polarplot] command displays polar axes by default. You can also obtain polar axes by adding the axiscoordinates=polar option along with the coords=polar option.





The command to create the plot from the Plotting Guide is


See Also

addcoords, coords, plot, plot/options, plot3d/coords, plots[changecoords], plots[coordplot]

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