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Plot Color Option

Calling Sequence

plotcommand(plotargs, color=c)

plotcommand(plotargs, colour=c)




any plotting command such as plot or plot3d that accepts the color option



arguments to the plot command



string representing a color name, a color data structure, a procedure, or an expression



The color of a plot can be specified using the option color=c, where c is a string or a color data structure. Some 3-D plotting commands can also accept a color option value in the form of a procedure or expression. For a list of color names, see the plot/colornames help page.


The strings that can be given directly to a plotting command are those from the "HTML" color palette. To see a list of all colors in this palette, issue the command ColorTools:-GetPalette("HTML"). See the ColorTools:-GetPalette help page for more information.


Colors from other palettes understood by Maple can also be used by adding the palette name as a prefix in the string passed to the plotting command. For example, to generate a curve with the "Violet" color from the "Spring" palette, use the option color="Spring Violet". The ColorTools:-PaletteNames command gives a list of all available palettes.


You can specify colors by their RGB values using a color data structure, which is constructed with the ColorTools:-Color command. An example is: color=ColorTools:-Color([0.5, 0.2, 0.1]). Other color spaces, such as "HSV", are also available and are described on the ColorTools:-ColorSpaces help page. Multiple colors, given as Arrays of RGB, HSV or HUE values, may be provided through a color data structure as described on the plot/structure help page. You must ensure that the Array dimensions are appropriate for the plot object being displayed.


A default set of colors from the "Niagara" palette is used by certain plotting commands, including the 2-D plot command. You can change the default assignment of colors with the plots:-setcolors command.


Some 3-D plotting commands, including plot3d, also allow you to specify a procedure or an expression involving the plot variables. This feature is useful for purposes such as visualizing four-dimensional objects using color as the fourth dimension.  For more information, see the plot3d/colorfunc help page. You can also apply color schemes to surfaces with the colorscheme option, as described on the plot/colorscheme help page.



plotcos,color=Niagara DarkOrchid

plot3dsinxcosy,x=π..π,y=π..π,color=Nautical GrayViolet

Plot the tan function in sky blue.



Plot a randomly colored checkerboard.



Create a randomly colored polygon animation sequence.



Create another polygon animation sequence using an HSV color specification.



See Also

ColorTools, plot, plot/colornames, plot/options, plot3d, plot3d[colorfunc], plots[setcolors]

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