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Ellipsoidal ODEs



The general form of the ellipsoidal ODE is given by the following:




ellipsoidal_ode := diff(y(x),x,x) = (a+b*k^2*sin(x)^2+q*k^4*sin(x)^4)*y(x);






See Arscott, "The Land Beyond Bessel: A Survey of Higher Special Functions".

See Also

DEtools, odeadvisor, dsolve, and ?odeadvisor,<TYPE> where <TYPE> is one of: quadrature, missing, reducible, linear_ODEs, exact_linear, exact_nonlinear, sym_Fx, linear_sym, Bessel, Painleve, Halm, Gegenbauer, Duffing, ellipsoidal, elliptic, erf, Emden, Jacobi, Hermite, Lagerstrom, Laguerre, Liouville, Lienard, Van_der_Pol, Titchmarsh; for other differential orders see odeadvisor,types.

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