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Worksheet[Display] - display string as a worksheet in a new window

Worksheet[DisplayFile] - display a worksheet in a new window

Calling Sequence

Display( fileString )

DisplayFile( fileName )




string; contain Maple worksheet or XML tree



string; name of file



The Display function or programmatic worksheet launch feature enables worksheet navigation from within a procedure.


Important: The Display function cannot be used in the Command-line version of Maple.


The Display(fileString) function accepts a Maple worksheet as a text string in either native or XML format, or as an XML tree, and displays (opens) the worksheet in the GUI. The value NULL is returned.


The DisplayFile(fileName) command accepts the name of a worksheet file, saved either in native or XML format, and displays (opens) the worksheet in the GUI. If the name fileName of the file ends with the substring .xml, the file is taken to be a Maple worksheet saved in XML format. Otherwise, the file is assumed to be a Maple worksheet saved in native format. The value NULL is returned. Note: When writing a program, consider using the FileDialog or GetFile Maplet application to obtain the filename and path for the worksheet you want to launch programmatically.


The name of the worksheet has the form ``display[N]'', where `N' is an integer. You can change the name of the worksheet by saving it.









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