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Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions in the Standard Units Environment



In the Standard Units environment, the arguments for the trigonometric or hyperbolic functions can be unit-free, in which case the argument is assumed to be given in terms of radians, or multiplied by a unit of angle with the dimension length/length(radius).  An error is returned if the dimension of the argument is not an angle.


If the argument has a unit of angle, it is converted to a free expression in the call to the corresponding global function.  Therefore, a call to sin(7*deg) returns as sin(7/180*Pi), because 1 degree equals π180 radians.


For other properties, see the global functions in the trig help page.




To enter a unit in 2-D Math input, select the unit from the appropriate Units palette. If the unit you want is not there, select unit and then enter the unit.


In Maple 2015 and later versions, the double brackets around a unit are not displayed unless you are editing the unit.











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