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Units[Converter][RemoveUnit] - remove a unit from the Unit Converter

Calling Sequence

RemoveUnit(unit, opts)




symbol; unit name



(optional) equation of the form 'make'=truefalse; specifies option for the unit



The RemoveUnit(unit, opts) function removes the unit unit from the Unit Converter.


This procedure accepts symbols and variations in spelling. For example, ms, meters/second, and metre/second represent the same dimension in the Unit Converter.


You describe the options of the unit by using the optional arguments. The opts argument can contain the following equation.






This option specifies whether the conversion tables are rebuilt after the unit has been removed from the Unit Converter.  By default, this option is set to true. If 10 or more dimensions or units are added to or removed from the Unit Converter in the same execution group, it is recommended that you execute the Units[Converter][MakeConverter]() calling sequence afterward.




AddUnit'parsec''yearJulian','display'=parsecs per Julian year


See Also

Units, Units/Converter, Units[Converter][AddUnit], Units[Converter][GetUnit], Units[Converter][GetUnits], Units[Converter][HasUnit], Units[Converter][MakeConverter]

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