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URL[Construct] - Construct a URL from its components

Calling Sequence

Construct( componentTable, component1, component2, ... )




a table of component/value pairs. The components should be specified as a string.



an equation specifying a component to be added to the constructed URL.



Construct builds a URL string of the given components.


The URL will be of the form: scheme://user:password@host:port/urlpath?query#anchor


The following components are supported:


scheme=string The protocol to be used.  The default is http.


user=string The username to be used.  The default is none.


password=string The password to be used.  The default is none.


host=string The host portion.  This component is required.


port=integer The port on the host to connect to.  The default is none.


urlpath=string The path on the host to access.  The default is /.


query=list(string,equation) Query data to be added to the url.  The default is none.


anchor=string An anchor to add to the url.  The default is none.


These components can be specified as parameters or a table of component/value pairs.  A component specified as a parameter will override one specified in a table.


The Parse method performs the reverse operation, splitting a given URL into a table of components.










See Also

URL, URL/Escape, URL/Parse, URL/Unescape



RFC 3986: Uniform Resource Identifier (URI), W3C.

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