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TimeSeriesAnalysis[SeasonalSubseriesPlot] - display seasonal time series data

Calling Sequence

SeasonalSubseriesPlot(ts, opts)




TimeSeries object



(optional) equations of the form optionname = value, where optionname is one of means, starting_period, space, or seasonnames; or a general plot option



The SeasonalSubseriesPlot command is used for displaying a plot of the seasonal subseries of a time series; that is, all values for a particular season are shown together. For example, for a monthly time series, this plot shows the January data points of all years together, the February data points, and so on. The seasons are shown next to each other.


Optionally, the plot also shows a horizontal line through each subseries, at the mean value for that season.


Typically, this command is used for time series having only a single data set, but it is possible to use it for time series having multiple data sets. In that case, the values of all data sets for a particular season are shown together.



Consider the following time series, which exhibits seasonal behavior with period 3.


ts1:=Time seriesdata set10 rows of data:2005 - 2014




You can color the lines of the means blue, and make the line charts for the time series thicker. You can also add a legend for the horizontal lines.

SeasonalSubseriesPlotts1,thickness=3,means=color=Niagara Blue,legend=seasonal mean

Consider the following monthly time series.


ts2:=Time seriesdata set60 rows of data:2005-09-01 - 2010-08-01




The time series starts in September; it makes sense to start the display with January. You can also specify the names of the months; then you need to make the plot a little wider so that all the names fit. And finally, you increase the space between the months in the plot.


See Also

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