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How to Create a Package Overview Help Page

Template Instructions


To create a Package Overview help page using the template:


Enter ?examples/PackageOverviewTemplate at the Maple prompt or click the following hyperlink: Package Overview help page template.


Save the worksheet with an appropriate name.


Replace <Package_Name> with the name of the package.  Remove the angle brackets (< >) surrounding this field.

Help Page Template Sections

Calling Sequence


Use the format specified for the calling sequences.  Replace <Package_Name> with the name of your package.



The first bullet item should be an overview of the package functionality. Include any details, for example, the scope or generality of the package.


The following bullet item is required for all package overview help pages.


Use the following paragraph if and only if the package is implemented as a module.

List of <Package_Name> Package Commands


Use the following bullet item as an introductory sentence.


Insert hyperlinks (one for each command) to all package command help pages in your package.


The table is followed by the following sentence.



Include a variety of examples to show range of functionality and/or how to solve problems using the package.


If you will be saving your help page in .mws format, you must use 1-D math to enter your examples.  If you will be saving the help page in .mw format, you can choose 1-D math, 2-D math, or a mixture of input forms.


Add comments for each example.

See Also


List help page hyperlinks in alphabetical order separated by commas. For more information, see worksheet/managing/linking and worksheet/documenting/hyperlinkeditor.


You do not need to include links to any functions within this package, since there is a link to each function in the List of <Package_Name> Package Commands above.

See Also

examples/PackageOverviewTemplate, Templates, UsingPackages, worksheet/documenting/hyperlinkeditor, worksheet/managing/linking

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