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Student[Precalculus][RationalFunctionPlot] - plot rational functions

Calling Sequence

RationalFunctionPlot(f, opts)




rational function (ratio of polynomials) in at most one variable



(optional) equation(s) of the form option = value where option is one functionoptions, showslantasymptotes, showverticalasymptotes, showremovables, slantasymptoteoptions, verticalasymptoteoptions, removableoptions; specify output options



The RationalFunctionPlot(f) command plots a rational function.  If f has any asymptotes, they are also displayed.


The optional parameters opts specify the desired options for the resulting plot.  The available options are:




functionoptions = list


Specifies the plot options for f.




showslantasymptotes = true/false


Specifies whether or not to show the slant asymptotes of f.




showverticalasymptotes = true/false


Specifies whether or not to show the vertical asymptotes of f.




showremovables = true/false


Specifies whether or not to show the removable discontinuities of f.




slantasymptoteoptions = list


Specifies the plot options for the slant asymptotes (including horizontal) of f.




verticalasymptoteoptions = list


Specifies the plot options for the vertical asymptotes for f.




removableoptions = list


Specifies the plot options for the removable discontinuities for f.




caption = anything


A caption for the plot.


The default caption is constructed from the parameters and the command options. caption = "" disables the default caption. For more information about specifying a caption, see plot/typesetting.




For information on including additional plot option(s), see the plot help page.


For information on how to change the default colors, see the Student [SetColors] help page.






See Also

plot/typesetting, Student, Student[Precalculus], Student[Precalculus][RationalFunctionTutor], Student[Precalculus][VisualizationOverview]

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