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Statistics[PieChart] - generate pie charts

Calling Sequence

PieChart(X, options, plotoptions)








(optional) equation(s) of the form option=value where option is one of datasetlabels, color, explode, sector, annular, or render3d; specify options for generating the pie chart



options to be passed to the plots[display] command



The PieChart command generates a pie chart for the specified data.


The first parameter X is a list of equations of type value=frequency. A list or Vector of values can also be given, in which case all frequencies will be set equal.


If the ['interactive'] option is used, then a dialog box appears that allows for customized creation of the plot.



The options argument can contain one or more of the options shown below. All unrecognized options will be passed to the plots[display] command. See plot[options] for details.


datasetlabels=default, none, relative, absolute, or list


This option controls data set labels on the pie slices. By default, PieChart uses data values as labels. The relative option will display, for each pie slice, the percentage value that pie slice occupies in the pie. The absolute option will display, for each pie slice, the absolute frequency of the corresponding value. Finally, one can specify data set labels as a list of strings.


color=name, list, or range


This option specifies colors for the individual data sets. When a list of colors is given, each of the pie slices will be colored with the corresponding color in the list. If a range of colors is given, the colors will be generated by selecting an appropriate number of equally spaced points in the corresponding hue range.




If X is a Vector or a list, specify the list of indices in X which corresponds to the pie slice to be exploded. They need not be in order. If X is a list of equations, specify the left-hand side values in the list which corresponds to the pie slice to be exploded.




This option specifies (in degrees) which part of the pie will be used by the chart.


annular=true, false, nonnegative, or range


This option specifies that the PieChart should be drawn on an annulus instead of a disk.  If the option is given alone or as annular=true then an annulus of inside radius 1 and outside radius 2 is used.  If a number is specified, that number is used for the inside radius and the outside radius is one greater.  This is useful for nesting charts. If a range is specified, the left- and right-hand sides of the range are used for the inside and outside radii (respectively).


render3d=true, false, or nonnegative


This option specifies that the PieChart should be drawn as a 3D plot.  If the option is given alone or as render3d=true then the a circular chart is drawn with thickness 0.5, and an annular chart is drawn with a thickness corresponding to 1/2 of its outer radius plus one. Is an integer is given then the chart will be as thick as an annular chart with that inside radius.  If a non-integer number is specified, it is used as the exact thickness of the chart.












The commands to create the plot from the Plotting Guide are






See Also

Statistics, Statistics[AreaChart], Statistics[PointPlot], Statistics[Visualization]

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