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SignalProcessing[PoissonWindow] - multiply an array of samples by a Poisson windowing function

Calling Sequence

PoissonWindow( A, alpha )




Array of real or complex numeric values; the signal



real numeric constant



The PoissonWindow( A, alpha ) command multiplies the Array A by the Poisson windowing function, with parameter alpha, and returns the result in an Array having the same length.


The Poisson windowing function wk with parameter alpha is defined as follows for a sample with N points.



Before the code performing the computation runs, A is converted to datatype float[8] or complex[8] if it does not have one of those datatypes already. For this reason, it is most efficient if A has one of these datatypes beforehand. This does not apply if inplace is true.


If the container=C option is provided, then the results are put into C and C is returned. With this option, no additional memory is allocated to store the result. The container must be an Array of the same size and datatype as A.


If the inplace or inplace=true option is provided, then A is overwritten with the results. In this case, the container option is ignored.

Thread Safety


The SignalProcessing[PoissonWindow] command is thread-safe as of Maple 18.


For more information on thread safety, see index/threadsafe.





a:= 1 .. 1024 ArrayData Type: float8Storage: rectangularOrder: C_order



1 .. 1024 VectorrowData Type: float8Storage: rectangularOrder: C_order




1 .. 1024 VectorrowData Type: float8Storage: rectangularOrder: C_order



useplotsindisplayArraylistplotℜu,listplotℑuend use

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