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ScientificConstants[GetIsotopes] - list the descriptors of selected isotopes

Calling Sequence

GetIsotopes( 'element'=elem, prop_name, output_opt )




(optional); restrict to isotopes of the given element



(optional); restrict to isotopes with property(ies) prop_name defined. This parameter can be repeated to specify multiple properties.



(optional); equation of the form output=form, where form is one of 'symbols' (default) or 'atomicnumbers', specify form of isotope descriptors to be returned



The GetIsotopes() command returns an expression sequence containing selected isotopes of elements of the periodic table in the ScientificConstants package.


If the 'element'=elem option is given, only isotopes of the given element elem are returned, where elem can be any valid descriptor of an element.


If any prop_name option(s) are given, only elements with these properties defined are returned.  The prop_name option(s) must be isotopic properties.


If the 'output=symbols' option is given, the isotopes are returned in the form [atomic_number, mass_number].  This is the default.


If the 'output=atomicnumbers' option is given, the isotopes are returned in the form [atomic_number, mass_number].


The sequence of isotopes is ordered first by atomic number, then by mass number.









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