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MaplePrintf - write formatted output to the Maple user interface from external code

MapleALGEB_Printf - write formatted output to the Maple user interface from external code

MapleALGEB_SPrintf - write formatted output to a string in external code

Calling Sequence

MapleALGEB_Printf0(kv, format)

MapleALGEB_Printf1(kv, format, arg1)

MapleALGEB_Printf2(kv, format, arg1, arg2)

MapleALGEB_Printf3(kv, format, arg1, arg2, arg3)

MapleALGEB_Printf4(kv, format, arg1, arg2, arg3, arg4)

MapleALGEB_SPrintf0(kv, format)

MapleALGEB_SPrintf1(kv, format, arg1)

MapleALGEB_SPrintf2(kv, format, arg1, arg2)

MapleALGEB_SPrintf3(kv, format, arg1, arg2, arg3)

MapleALGEB_SPrintf4(kv, format, arg1, arg2, arg3, arg4)




kernel handle returned by StartMaple



output format specification

arg1, ..., arg4


Maple objects



These functions are part of the OpenMaple interface to Microsoft Visual Basic.


MapleALGEB_Printf is the same as the Maple printf function.  The extra arguments must all be Maple objects (of type ALGEB). Note: In the format specification, %a, formats an object of any Maple type, whereas, for example, %d formats only Maple integers. Printf output is directed to the text callback.


MapleALGEB_SPrintf is the same as the Maple sprintf function.  It returns a String containing the formatted output.


When an argument to MapleALGEB_Printf or MapleALGEB_SPrintf is an expression sequence, it is formatted as a list.


Sub MyTestPrintf(ByVal kv As Long)

    Dim a, b As Long

    a = ToMapleInteger(kv, 14)

    b = ToMapleString(kv, "this is a string")

    MapleALGEB_Printf0 kv, "I'm going to print a and b."

    MapleALGEB_Printf2 kv, "here they are a=%d, b=%a.", a, b

    Write #1, MapleALGEB_SPrintf2(kv, "a=%a, b=%s", a, b)

End Sub

See Also

OpenMaple, OpenMaple/VB/API, OpenMaple/VB/Examples, printf, sprintf

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