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Engine.getHelp - access the Maple Help system

Calling Sequence

void getHelp( String topic, int section, HelpCallBacks hcb, int width, Object user_data ) throws MapleException




help page to return



section of the help page



call back methods used to return the page



maximum number of characters per line



arbitrary data to pass into the call backs



The getHelp function provides access to the Maple help system.  The help page section specified by section from the help page for topic is returned.  The contents of the page are returned via the HelpCallBacks object. The user_data parameter is arbitrary data that is passed into the HelpCallBacks methods.


Each line written into the HelpCallBacks contains at most width characters.


The section parameter indicates which section of the help page should be returned. Valid values are: MAPLE_HELP_ALL, MAPLE_HELP_USAGE, MAPLE_HELP_DESCRIPTION, MAPLE_HELP_EXAMPLES and MAPLE_HELP_SEEALSO.  The constants are defined in Engine.


Errors occurring during the processing of the help page are reported via the errorCallBack. Other errors cause a MapleException to be thrown.


import com.maplesoft.openmaple.*;

import com.maplesoft.externalcall.MapleException;

class Example


    public static void main( String notused[] ) throws MapleException


    String mapleArgs[];

    Engine engine;

    HelpCallBacks hcb;

    mapleArgs = new String[1];

    mapleArgs[0] = "java";

    engine = new Engine( mapleArgs, new EngineCallBacksDefault(),

        null, null );

    hcb = new HelpCallBacksDefault();

    engine.getHelp( "int", Engine.MAPLE_HELP_USAGE, hcb, 78, null );



Executing this code produces the following output.

Calling Sequences

     int(expr, x)

     Int(expr, x)

     int(expr, x=a..b, ...)

     Int(expr, x=a..b, ...)


     expr - algebraic expression, the integrand

     x    - name

     a,b  - endpoints of interval on which integral is taken

     opt  - option, where opt is one of 'continuous', 'CauchyPrincipalValue',

or 'AllSolutions'

See Also

ExternalCalling/Java/MapleException, OpenMaple, OpenMaple/Java/API, OpenMaple/Java/Engine

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